People Confidential

Exclusive & Intimate Dining and Development Events for Leaders

We cordially invite you to People Confidential; an exclusive dining and development event facilitated by Equal Talent for leaders and executives. For those who feel the need to step away from the face of the coal and connect with other busy professionals facing similar challenges.

Refresh, Refuel, Reflect and Resolve

Your business ‘ day – to – day operations can be all – consuming. When you’re so close, it can be hard to see the solutions to the most testing problems. Equal Talent recognises that as a leader, the opportunity to simply stop and take stock would greatly benefit you and your business.

This experience becomes more powerful if facilitated by a qualified, specialist coach and is accomplished in the company of other leaders who can offer various perspectives.

Re-energise & Relax

Equal Talent is experienced in creating more inclusive cultures by developing established and aspiring leaders. This enables companies to create a space for their people to thrive, for innovation, creativity and real meaningful, sustainable growth.

People Confidential is inspired by the Intelligencia Club, a thriving community of 300 + business leaders, founders and entrepreneurs who are curious and courageous. Amanda Davie, one of the valued Equal Talent directors, founded it in 2015.

We invite you to take the time out of your busy schedule and give yourself the chance to re – energise yourself in this relaxed two – hour intervention group and private dining experience.

We are passionate about People Confidential because we believe that you already have the answers to move your business forward and have a greater impact. We believe you will be able to reflect on the daily challenges you face with fresh eyes and from a new angle by enabling and supporting leaders like you. This often leads to innovative solutions being born.  

We have created People Confidential because we recognise the advantages of a hivemind. Those who attend our exclusive events all face unique challenges and experiences in their  daily lives. This allows them to show up and present a different outlook to common problems.

No one is expected to agree all the time simultaneously, this passive connection would actually be counterproductive. Participants are encouraged in the spirit of inquiry to challenge and explore. This can only happen effectively if all those attending feel relaxed enough to be open and honest, which is why confidentiality for all those attending is part of the contract.

Reserve my seat at the dining table

What to expect

  • A delicious, nurturing two course meal
  • A private dining space at a restaurant venue in your city of work
  • An open and frank leadership discussion on topics including boundaries, adaptability, 
    impostor syndrome and resilience
  • A unique, deeper networking experience
  • Leadership development discussion led by a qualified executive coach
  • A calming and simultaneously inspiring environment
  • An opportunity to refresh, refuel, reflect and identify actions that will inform the
    growth of your business


A seat at the exclusive table is £100 + VAT and places are limited to 12.








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