“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive."

— Mahatma Gandhi


If we’re going to speed up the move towards gender equality, managers and leaders need to take control.

70% of an organisation’s culture comes from its leaders. These leaders need the skills and understanding to become responsible and accountable for making things change.

That’s why inclusive leadership is so important. Recognising what diversity brings to an organisation is the first step in promoting gender equality as a measurable benefit to the business.


We assess a leader’s emotional intelligence, then help them to build trust and respect.

We work together to develop an inclusive style that works for them.

We offer practical guidance on avoiding gendered communication and holding inclusive meetings.

Our inclusive leadership programmes are based on our coaching philosophy.

We stretch people’s thinking and help to change behaviours for the long term, using 1:1 or group coaching and interactive workshops.

If your leadership needs to become more inclusive, get in touch to discuss how we can help make it happen.


Creating emotionally intelligent leaders.

We know that Emotional Intelligence sits at the heart of great leadership. If anything, it’s becoming more important as organisations recognise the benefits of being inclusive.

We’ll work with EQI tools and assessments to support you in your leadership role. We’ll help you develop awareness of your preferences, build empathy and improve how you listen. If you’re filtering, then we look at how this impacts on your effectiveness.

Our process helps you to identify the barriers to becoming a successful, inclusive leader, then works with you to remove them.


Meetings – the key to inclusivity?

For better or worse, all companies hold meetings. Too often these meetings are dominated by certain personality types. Good meetings give everyone a chance to contribute, but in reality, these are rare.

Equal Talent can help you run more effective, inclusive meetings where people’s knowledge and opinions are heard and better decisions get made.


Inclusive Leadership Programme

A leading medical technology company was looking for new ways to innovate, be more productive and improve its culture. Growth and performance had suffered and the leaders weren’t working together.

We identified the need for inclusive behaviour from the leadership team as the key to turning things around. Our Inclusive Leadership Programme focused on helping the leaders to look, feel and behave like a single, united team. By encouraging everyone to value difference, we broke down barriers, built trust and improved communication.

The programme led to much more openness and collaboration across the whole leadership team.

Ready to Make a Change?

Equal Talent can make a difference to your organisation, to your leadership, and to you. So be the change you wish to see and contact us.