Coaching is the universal language of change and learning

Here at Equal Talent, we are passionate about helping leaders and organisations create a more balanced, diverse and inclusive workforce. A place where everyone feels that they belong and where they will therefore perform and lead at their best.



Group Coaching

Our exciting and pioneering group coaching programmes are designed to help organisations:

– bring people together

– build confidence and resilience

– develop leadership skills and camaraderie.


They are aimed at people that share a common development goal but have their own individual challenges to work on too.


Our team coaching programmes are designed to create an effective, high-performing team.

Common coaching themes include:

– building trust

– changing team culture

– dealing with difference

We use methodologies of strength-finding, coaching and behavioural psychology to enable team members to raise their own self-awareness


1-2-1 coaching is relevant for those who want to:

– dig deeper

– target very specific challenges

– target a development need that is very “personal” and potentially inappropriate in a group setting

Our coaches design each programme to meet the specific needs of the individual.


A bespoke programme designed in consultation with the organisation.

Common themes include:

– Inclusive Cultures

– Dare to Lead

– Belonging

Workshops are an effective method of coaching a number of people on a specific objective.


“We could never have imagined that the coaching programme could be this positive. No matter which life-stage our employees were at they reported that it had a positive impact on their role within the organisation and their family life too.”