As the African Proverb states: if you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far go together.

So sharing ideas, inspiration and wisdom is essential to achieving our individual and collective professional development goals. In this section we share some of good stuff: stuff we’ve created and thought about, the insights and wisdom of others, and our clients’ inspiring stories and words. Enjoy!



A workplace culture of belonging is vital – here’s why

Belonging – a word that comes from the old English word ‘gelang’, meaning ‘at hand’ or ‘together with’ – is a fundamental human need. Yet it's not a word commonly used in the context of business.  Humans find reward in seeking out a positive sense of belonging...

Gender Pay Gap Report

We have prepared a white paper to help businesses understand the complexities of this challenge, and the ways in which Equal Talent can help to ‘de-bias’ the workforce.

OTHERS’ Good Stuff

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coming soon. got something for us? email or get social #equaltalent #womeninSTEM #groupcoaching